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Custom String

Scott's Strings
Welcome to our new Scott's Strings Homepage Version 314
It's a little different and we hope a lot better

How It's Done Right!

Balanced- All fibers are laid out and stretched before any serving applied

Pre-Stretched- Our string bundles are stretched up to 9 times in our process

Pre-Twisted- The twist in the bundle is added before any end or center serving is applied

Minimal Break-in 25/30 arrow before peep installation

Ready for Action- If installed correctly, your string should be ready to shoot

Made with the finest BCY products

With over 15yrs. experience

Made with the best jigs and fixtures

Compound Bowstrings
For the archer that wants the
Very Best

Our standard strings come in Flo.Orange and OD Green with black servings

TIM Design and Manufacturing
We stretch our strings up to 9 times in our manufacturing/ measuring process
Strings are twisted 6 turns in 12" for a perfect shooting product
Draw strings are 8125G
Buss cables are Trophy
Other materials are available on request

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