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Welcome to Scott's Strings

Looking for Great strings?

At a Great Price

Compound Recurve or Longbow

I will be happy to help.

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Why choose Scott's?

20 Years Experiance

These are not "Cookie Cutter" Strings

You wouldn't hunt Ducks with an Elephant gun Right?

You don't want the same string for Shooting Everything!

I build strings for what YOU are shooting

Laid out on Custom Jigs        

I Build your strings one at a time

Built Using my Exclusive TIM Process

Pre-Twisted   I build strings Ready To Shoot

Stretched 8 Times up to 400+Lbs.

Served with Custom Winders

Post-Stretched After serving

Custom Colors NO Extra Charge

All BCY Material

6" D-Loop Material FREE
3' Nock/ Peep Nylon FREE
Shooting Staff spots available