Owner/ Builder  Scott Wymore Sr.

Owner/ Builder Scott Wymore Sr.

I'm Scott
I've been building strings for over 20yrs,
And I know you don't hunt Squirrels with Howitzers

​​I Hunt, shoot 3D's, do Target (Indoor and Out) and shoot Field

I don't do
 Cookie Cutter strings here!

You tell me what your shooting with- and at
and I'll make a string to do the job!

​My strings have shot African game, Deer, Bear, Elk and won Some Championships along the way.

They get the job done!

​I've shipped strings to every US state and many countries around the globe
My strings are Guaranteed for a year...Period*​​​

​I use All BCY material: BCYX, 8125G, Halo, 2S, 3D And 62XS

​Pre-Stretched and Post Stretched (7 times total) Up to 500Lbs.

T.I.M manufacturing- all servings are anchored through bundle for NO slippage or separation

​Full set Orders Ship with 36"serving thread and 6" D-Loop 
Shooting Staff spots available